Choose a memoir, life story, family history or biography.

You are free to choose between a memoir, life story, family history or biography. A memoir is a collection of memories about an event or theme and can be as short as 4,000 words or as long as 80,000 words. In a memoir you tell the story in your own voice. A life story is similar in that you tell the story in your voice, but it covers your entire life. It can start at birth or before and continues to the present. A life story is often called an autobiography—your story narrated by you in your distinctive voice. A family history explores your family’s past, and a biography covers a person’s whole life, but a third person tells the story.

Most of the memoirs and life stories I write range between 15,000 and 40,000 words although I have written books that are 100,000 words. You are free to choose the length that best suits your individual needs and budget. We offer flexible payment options to suit all budgets, so please contact us if you’d like to discuss payment options.

Mentoring and Editing

I can also mentor you if you would like to write your story yourself but would like a helping hand. Writing is a lonely process, so working alongside a mentor will keep you on track, give you valuable feedback on your writing and inspire you when your energy flags.

A snapshot of some of my books

Once your memoir or life story is written, we partner with publishing company Balmoral Beach Press to turn your story into a beautiful hardcover coffee-table book.

Ian Davies, the founder of Balmoral Beach Press, designs, prints and publishes memoirs and life stories. He digitally remasters old black and white photos so they print in colour, designs author websites, and advises authors on marketing and publicity strategies to promote their book. Visit Balmoral Beach Press to learn more. Ian will create a book that you and your family will treasure for years to come.

You can always contact us any time to chat about your wishes.