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Share your life story can help you share your story with your loved ones and generations to come.
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Everyone has a unique and individual story to tell about how they experience the world. Your life is full of relationships, adventures, challenges, victories and events that shape who you are. Your loved ones and future generations want to know what it is like to be you, your insights and observations, the lessons you’ve learned along the way.  

There are as many reasons to write your life story as there are individual tales to tell! You may want to leave your family a legacy by sharing your life story with them or you may want to record your history so your great great grandchildren and beyond get to know you.

At Share your life story we’re passionate about helping you pass your story on to your family members, so get in touch today for a free no-obligation consultation to learn how you can ensure your memories live on forever.

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Hi. I\’m Gabriella Kelly-Davies.

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Hi, I’m Gabriella Kelly-Davies 

I’m passionate about storytelling and helping people share their story with loved ones and future generations. I’ve studied biography writing at Oxford University and the Australian National University and have won several prestigious writing awards. 

In 2019, I began a PhD in biography at Sydney University. The creative component of my PhD is Breaking Through the Pain Barrier. The Extraordinary Life of Dr Michael J. Cousins, the biography of Australia’s foremost pain medicine pioneer. The book was published in 2021 and launched by the peak advocacy body, Painaustralia.

The theoretical component of my PhD, Choices, Choices, Choices: One Biographer’s Experience, explores the choices I made while writing Breaking Through the Pain Barrier and what scholars and biographers say about them.

In 2023, I spent the Trinity term at Oxford University’s Centre for Life Writing as a visiting doctoral student. Every conversation, tutorial, writing workshop and meeting with scholars across biography, life writing, English Literature, medical humanities and the history of medicine sparked ideas that resulted in breakthroughs in my writing.

While at Oxford, the renowned biographer, Carl Rollyson, interviewed me for his weekly podcast series, A Life in Biography. We discussed Breaking Through the Pain Barrier, my experiences at Oxford and the narrative choices involved in writing about doctors and scientists. 

After returning from Oxford, I launched “Biographers in Conversation”, a weekly podcast of interviews with biographers about the choices they made while researching, writing and publishing their books. 

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I’ve lived and breathed storytelling all my life, both as a career and a hobby and believe that sharing your story is a powerful way of communicating what you stand for. Writing a memoir or life story enables you to share the lessons you’ve learned in life, the exciting journeys you’ve embarked upon, the knowledge you’ve gained and the love you feel for your family and friends.

I believe a life story or memoir is a tremendous legacy you can leave your loved ones. If you capture your stories now, you’ll create a treasure. Your story is your legacy and by sharing it, you’ll be remembered by your loved ones and generations to come. I’d love to help you share your greatest legacy. 


Biographers International Organization

Convenor, Science and Medicine Roundtable, Biographers International Organization

International Auto/biography Association

Australian Society of Authors

Immediate Past President, Life Stories Australia Association

Writing NSW

Women Writers NSW

Hawkeye Manuscript Development Prize: Shortlisted 2021

Faber Writing Academy Scholarship: Writing True Stories

Gold Quill Award: International Association of Business Communicators

Excellence Award: Australian Marketing Institute

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