Lovers. What’s your story?

You have an amazing story worth telling.

Your wedding is the ideal time to bring it to life.

While you’re planning your wedding, wouldn’t it be amazing to start writing your memoir then add in the magic of your wedding ceremony and celebrations?

A memoir is a tremendous legacy you can leave for your partner, family, friends and future generations. Your memories are precious.

Writing a memoir is about remembering. It’s about preserving and sharing your life journey.

Share your life story can help you share the story of your precious relationship with your partner and your special day.

We interview you, write your story then publish it in a gorgeous cover.

A memoir is about holding onto the ordinary moments, and occasionally the extraordinary ones. It’s about recording your special memories, anecdotes and the quirky things that make you who you are, the person your partner loves so much.

Storytelling is a powerful way for you to communicate what you stand for, the lessons you’ve learned in life, the exciting journeys you’ve embarked upon, the knowledge you’ve gained and the love you feel for your partner.

Record those special memories while they’re fresh.

At Share your life story we want to help you celebrate your marriage by writing your memoir.

We are passionate about storytelling and helping you share your story with loved ones and future generations.

We’d love to write your story so your memories and experiences live on forever.

We interview you, write your story, then publish it in a gorgeous cover.

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A memoir is an ideal wedding gift.

Give your partner a gift voucher for their memoir to be written.

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